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"Like Honey In Your Ears"

Brejeiro will transport you to Brazil through the sunshine and sparkle of Brazilian Choro music. An infectious and uplifting mix of mandolins, cavaquinho, flute and guitar propelled by Latin percussion, Brejeiro combine driving rhythms and haunting melodies, skillfully improvised and exquisitely arranged, capturing the essence of Brazil. From its roots in folk song and the pulsating rythm of the Samba the music encapsulates the fusion of South American Latin rhythms, North American jazz and the evolution of the mandolin and its music from Portugal.


Brejeiro are:
Dave Griffiths - mandolin and cavaquinho
Mike Pryor - mandolin and cavaquinho
Rachel Parede - flute
Knud Stuwe - guitar
Andy Fuller - percussion.

It is strange for such joyous music to be called Choro, which quite literally translates as "to cry". It was born in the middle of the 19th century when musicians began experimenting by fusing together Brazilian folk tunes and European harmony with Afro-Brazilian and native rhythms. Often described as Brazilian jazz, Choro became the music of the people and spread throughout Brazil. "This music is ageless", says trumpeter Silverio Pontes. "In a Choro group, one is 70, another 15, and the third 40 ... This music is... like a communion. For they all are taking part in this great thing that's already over 100 years old. That is fantastic."

Brejeiro respectfully walk in the footsteps of this unique tradition adding their own unique line up of twin mandolins leading and weaving delicate harmony, pulsating guitar and innovative percussion. 'La Llorona' celebrates the music of Brazilian composer Pixinguinha, recognised as one of the greatest flute players and improvisors of his generation, and the virtuoso mandolin player and composer, Jacob do Bandolim along with Mike Pryor's original composition 'La Frontiera' adding a contemporary flavour.

Choro may have begun over 150 years ago but it is still very alive today and still evolving. Relax, sip your caipirinha, tuck into your traditional Pao de Queijo and absorb the Latin atmosphere.

Join Brejeiro to feel the hearbeat of Choro.

Further info & bookings:
If you would like to book Brejeiro or request a demo fill out our enquiry form on the bookings page. We can also be contacted by telephone for any questions you may have: David Griffiths on: 07801 355529

Our New CD "Carinhoso"

Read all about it here.

Our First CD "La Llorona"
Listen to the tracks and buy online today!


"Their second CD ‘Carinhoso’ epitomises how talented and versatile these musicians are ...the playing throughout is splendid." (See full review)
Sandra Woodruff - BMG Federation

"many thanks for being such a fabulous part of last nights entertainment! I think you will have gained even more fans! Brejeiro are really wonderful. We were very honoured to have you."

Cindy Stratton

"An infectious melody of singing mandolins laced with complicated rhythms that will have even the most unmusical among us tapping our feet and looking for someone to dance with." (See full review)
Barry Gambles - Mandolin.org.uk

"The mandolins sparkle throughout. Pretty much all human emotion is covered, from the tender drama of Quando me Lembro, on which Griffiths, duetting with Helen James, also turns in a technical tour-de-force, to the chirpy Jesusita en Chihuahua - I defy you not to smile at this" (See full review)
Simon Mayor - Mandolin.co.uk

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