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New Album "Carinhoso" sleeve notes

Camundongo (Waldir Azevdo).
This is the first piece we learned after getting our cavaquinhos. It’s by the great Waldir Azevedo who was king of cavaquinho-led choros in the 40’s, 50;s and 60’s. In fact the ‘competition’ between Waldir and Jacob do Bandolim was reminiscent of the Beatles/Stones and Blur/Oasis battles we saw in the UK in different eras. Camundongo is a type of urban Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestris chorinus) – apparently ! Helen often encourages Dave and Mike to play in unison, which finally happens in the middle of this tune. The ‘bells’ were Helen’s suggestion too.
Dave – lead cavaquinho, Andy – pandeiro, Helen – guitar, Mike – rhythm cavaquinho.
Vibraçöes (Jacob do Bandolim).
One of the definitive Choro compositions from the master himself, Jacob. We’ve had this in our repertoire for a few years now, but re-worked it for this CD. Vibraçöes literally means “trembling”, which is how the urban tapir feels when first arriving in the big city. The classic Choro structure is ternary form – ABACA, which is exactly what this piece has, and we think the musical contrast between the sections is a stroke of genius by Jacob.
Dave – bandolim, Andy – pandeiro, Helen – guitar, Mike – cavaquinho
La Partida (Héctor Quatromano).
The result of hours spent on You Tube – Dave found this beautiful Venezualan waltz played by a couple of superb cavaquinho players. We adapted this for twin mandolins, and use it to feature solos from Helen and Andy. La Partida can mean “the parting”, which is obviously how the tapir parents feel when their children leave for the big city.
Dave – lead bandolim, Andy – cajon, Helen – guitar, Mike – rhythm and harmony mandolin
Não me Toques (Zequinha de Abreu).
We have the wonderful Mike Marshall to thank for this piece, learned from a workshop he ran in 2009. When we first played it we tended to take it too quickly, then Helen re-wrote the introduction to settle us down. Written by the composer of Tico Tico, it describes how the urban tapirs have become “untouchable”.
Dave – rhythm and harmony cavaquinho, Andy – pandeiro and tam tam, Helen – guitar, Mike – mandolin
Doce de Coco (Jacob do Bandolim).
We were asked to play at a friend’s wedding reception recently. She had spent some time in Brazil and asked us to play this piece and Carinhoso, and we were delighted to add both pieces to our repertoire. Dave has a very sweet tooth, so this could have been written for him – it means “a piece of chocolate (or coconut) candy” which is actually a favourite meal of the tapirs too.
Dave – bandolim, Andy – pandeiro, Helen – guitar, Mike – cavaquinho
Como llora una estrella (Antonio Carrillo)
John Reischmann is usually recognised as having the best tone of all the modern mandolin players, and he has been a champion of Jacob, Choro and Latin music for many years.  This gorgeous Venezuelan tune was learned at one of John’s workshops, and arranged by Mike for the band with the mandolins exchanging the melody throughout. It tells of the sadness and longing  the urban tapirs often feel for their home – “it’s as if the stars were crying”.
Dave –bandolim (second solo), Andy – pandeiro, Helen – guitar (drop D), Mike – mandolin (first solo)
Um a Zero (Pixinguinha).
Dave and Mike re-worked this as a duet for the CD, with Andy joining on pandeiro. Our inspiration was a short documentary on the urban tapirs which used this tune (one-nil) as its theme.
Dave –bandolim, Andy – pandeiro, Mike – cavaquinho
Libertango (Astor Piazolla).
Inspired by the ballroom dancing craze of the last few years, Dave and his wife started dancing lessons and he now often gives demonstrations at our gigs. This particular tango has been made famous by Grace Jones, Sharon Shannon and others, and we evolved this arrangement over a few rehearsals, mostly involving Dave dancing and playing at the same time. Interestingly, Libertango has been adopted by the Campaign for the Liberation of Urban Tapirs held captive in Argentinian zoos (CLUTZ).
Dave – rhythm and harmony bandolim and dobro mandolin, Andy – pandeiro, shells, Helen - guitar, Mike – lead mandolin
Lua Branca (Chiquinha Gonzaga).
Dave and Helen have an alter-ego as Duo Recado, playing material from many genres and eras. This is a recent addition to their repertoire, from one of the un-sung heroines of early Choro music. It means “white moon”, which of course is very different to the Blue Moon that the tapirs see. Chiquinha was also one of the first people to study the migration patterns of the Brazilian tapirs.
Dave – bandolim, Helen – guitar
Delicado (Waldir Azevedo).
This has become a standard in the jazz repertoire, though we stick closely to the original version. It’s interesting to compare Waldir’s original to the takes by jazz guitarist Oscar Aleman and Stanley Black. We’ve added a “duelling cavaquinhos” part, and Andy suggested the classic Samba stop before we repeat the tune. The rhythm comes from the delicate noise the tapirs’ feet make on the tarmac when they are running away from the zoo keepers. Dave – rhythm and harmony cavaq, Andy – cajon, Helen – guitar, Mike – lead cavaq
Adelina (Mario Alvarez Conceiçao)
There is a staggering CD called “Os Bambas do Bandolim” (the young bandolim monsters) which is where we found this waltz. Dave challenged Mike to write some harmony parts that had interesting counterpoint and cheesy harmonies, so here is the result. In their strictly hierarchical society the matriarch of the tapir clan is always referred to as the “Adelina”. 
Dave –bandolim, Andy – cajon, Helen – guitar, Mike – rhythm and harmony mandolin
Carinhoso (Pixinguinha).
People often ask us if we sing, and the answer is “yes, we do all sing, but not in Brejeiro”. There is a fabulous 2007 movie called “Brasilierino” which shows the modern day choro musicians in Rio and how they manage to live side-by-side with the tapirs. In the movie, at a concert the whole audience joins in singing this classic song, so we invite you to do the same. We also learned this for the wedding, and it means “tenderly” or “lovingly”, which is how we all feel about the urban tapirs of Brazil.
Dave – lead bandolim, Andy – pandeiro, Helen – guitar, Mike – rhythm and harmony mandolin

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