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Our New CD "Carinhoso"

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CD Reviews:
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"Love the new CD, I can't keep still when it's playing!"
Christine Nickless on Facebook

"Their second CD ‘Carinhoso’ epitomises how talented and versatile these musicians are ...the playing throughout is splendid."
Sandra Woodruff - BMG Federation
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Our First CD "La Llorona"

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CD Reviews:

"An infectious melody of singing mandolins laced with complicated rhythms that will have even the most unmusical among us tapping our feet and looking for someone to dance with."
Barry Gambles - Mandolin.org
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"The mandolins sparkle throughout. Pretty much all human emotion is covered, from the tender drama of Quando me Lembro, on which Griffiths, duetting with Helen James, also turns in a technical tour-de-force, to the chirpy Jesusita en Chihuahua - I defy you not to smile at this"
Simon Mayor - Mandolin.uk
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